Terms & Conditions for Cargo Ship Voyages

General Travel Regulations of SEA TRAVEL LTD


Since many years cargo ships are working vessels on which the cargo is always the priority. And because if loading/unloading cargo as the main business of the Shipping Company passengers are advised that delays and changes are possible at any time and on short call. Cargo voyages do not run on fixed schedules therefore booking additional travel arrangements are not recommended until closer to departure.

On arrival on board, the captain and the crew will welcome passengers the life on board will be explained. On these ships the crew and the passengers adapt themselves to the special conditions.

1) Booking and confirmation of the booking

Sea Travel Ltd act only as agents between the passenger and the Cargo carrier. Bookings will be made via Sea Travel Ltd. As a special intermediary agency we are authorized by the Shipping and Cruise Companies to offer their voyages and cruises and to execute the winding up until embarkation on their behalf. At the time of booking the passenger accepts and recognizes the Cruise or Shipping Company’s shipment Terms and Conditions. As soon as the offer is accepted by the Passenger and booking is deposited and a completed reservation form is received the Passenger will receive booking confirmation together with further information and instructions. 

 2) Arrival and departure

The costs of arrival to the port and departure are not included in the fare. It is passengers’ responsibility to stay in contact with the local port agent at the port of embarkation by phone during the last days before the departure so that they can be advised about embarkation times/dates and instructions on joining the vessels. The closer the dates of departure the more exact will the information be. Agent list for each vessel will be provided on confirmation of the booking. Therefore we suggest booking of hotels, seat reservations etc. if possible only on short notice before departure. Even if you see the ship at its moorings, please do not go on board earlier than indicated by the agent as the vessel’s operation will be disturbed. 

Sailing of the vessel will not take place immediately after your boarding. Time for cargo procedures are always approximate may take longer then anticipated. Cargo procedures are a basic part of a freighter trip.

 3) Accommodations & leisure time facilities

Only a few cargo ships have special installations and built-in facilities. Cargo ship voyages have only become possible again because the installations that have been designed and installed for seamen are shared with the passengers. This is valid as well for the various cabins as for the leisure installations.

The accommodations are individual, twin bedded exterior cabins that as a rule are equipped with a private en suite (own shower /WC). Passengers can find the cabin descriptions in the Freighter voyages FAQ on our website or will be given a short description of the passage and ship at the time of request. The beds (bunk beds) on cargo ships are smaller that usual so that people able to sleep well at any weather conditions. Ships twin bunks may show a width of 120 sm/160 sm according to size of the ship and cabins. The entry to the bridge may be restricted.  Passengers share the leisure time facilities like e.g. video/TV, sauna, fitness room, and swimming pool on board if the ship's operation allows that.

 4) Food

Food is on set menu. International cuisine is cooked orientated to the crew liking - 3 meals a day are offered. On some smaller ships it is possible self-service additionally to the meals to be offered.

Supplies of fresh food will be replenished periodically therefore, the route and the duration of the voyage may influence the cook's menu. Passengers and crew will get the same food. On some smaller ships easy-care tablecloths and cups without saucers are usually used in the mess. Passengers will dine together with the captain and the officers in the officer's mess. On board of the ships Passengers will be able to buy beverages and tobacco. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed on all ships and may be impossible to purchase.

 5) Books Because of shortage of space the meals will sometimes be served at different times.

Take enough books/magazines for the voyage. We also recommend taking an all wave receiver and/or CD/DVD player.

 6) Laundry

Almost all ships are equipped with a washing machine. At any case there is the possibility passengers to wash their clothes or have them washed.

 7) "Clear the decks"

Though on big ships the steward often does the cleaning of the cabin, it is not included in the contract. Normally, the passengers are obliged to clean their own cabins.

 8) Luggage, Private Cars, Animals

The fare includes 100 kg or 0.5 cubic metres per person. Such freight like cars, household appliances etc. will not be handled by us or by the shipping company, but separately by shipping forwarding agencies. The passenger must be able to handle their luggage by themselves and transport it to the booked ship.

Unfortunately, the strict port -and quarantine regulations do not allow passengers to take animals with them.

 9) Trips ashore

It is possible that port authorities do not allow shore leaves in some ports or loading places. It is also possible that a vessel has to load or discharge on the roads (outside the port) and shore leave is not possible or not free of charge.

But in most ports shore leaves are possible.

Trips ashore will have to be organized by the passengers themselves. Our recommendation: Provide a guidebook / information material before beginning of the journey. The ship's management will willingly give you pieces of advice as far as directions are concerned or as far as they know the respective conditions. Always coordinate dates well with the ship's management before trips ashore and return on the ship on time. Please remember that otherwise the ship will continue its voyage without the passenger and the passenger will possibly have to bear considerable additional travel expenses.

The arrival and the departure of the vessel may take place at any time of the day - daytime as well as nighttime. 

 10) Lay days in the harbours

Stay in ports varies between some hours and some days but also from voyage to voyage.

 11) Planning of the voyage

The shipping company being the organizer and Sea Travel Ltd as the agent are not liable for consequential expenses possibly incurred by the passenger resulting from coming too early, coming too late or shortfalls.

The liability is limited to additional compensations; damages caused wilfully or by negligence. We do not assume responsibility for performance of transport. A respective liability will be regulated in this case according to the Transport regulations of the shipping companies on which your attention will expressively be pointed at and which on request will be made accessible to you. 
 12) Visa, -passport and vaccination regulations

Sea Travel Ltd and the Shipping Companies do not take any responsibility in advising Passengers on visa regulations. It is passengers’ responsibility to check with the Proper authorities regarding any tourist/travel requirements. The consulates will give binding information with regard to visa and passport regulations for the chosen passage area. The local boards of health are the information body with regard to valid or new vaccination regulations.

Additionally, in some harbours there will be valid vaccination regulations being different for the passengers travelling aboard cargo ships and the crews.

 13) Health & insurances

On cargo ships accommodating up to 12 passengers there will be no medical doctor on board. It is strongly necessary that the passengers dispose of a sufficient physical condition and a standard ability to walk. Therefore, the customer binds himself to inform the agent at the time of booking about existing health handicaps. We emphasise on the fact that the carriers reserve the right to refuse boarding or booking clients that are not fit to make a sea voyage on a cargo ship. Age limits are 6 / 75 years with exceptions depending on the seasons, travel routes, shipping company etc.

The Carriers have the right to ask the passenger to present an adequate health certificate within four weeks before departure to confirm that the passenger is able to travel on a cargo ship as there is no doctor on board and that he does not show a walking impediment (in case of doubt please ask your family doctor before booking) or other conditions which can prevent the passenger from travelling. Some carriers ask for an adequate health certificate for passengers from 75 years onwards. In most cases the carriers ask for an adequate health certificate for all passengers travelling on a freighter vessel.

Protection and Security reasons we strongly recommend the timely conclusion of a personal accident insurance and a foreign health insurance with transportation home in case of sickness. We additionally recommend the conclusion of a cancellation insurance too.

 14) Prices and payment

All prices are valid per person according to the printed information. We draw your attention to the fact that the carrier (the shipping company) will be authorized to adjust the offered and by means of booking confirmed prices in case of the increase of the shipment costs or of charges for certain services (like harbour charges) to the extent in which its increase per person will be effective on the shipment price if between the conclusion of the contract and the agreed travelling date will have passed more than four month.

Day of embarkation and day of disembarkation: each counts as a full day for the calculation of the cabin price.

The prices contain full board, a cabin place with bedding and towels as well transportation by ship. Once booking is confirmed to us in writing, the advance payment amounting to 30% as a deposit for the passage price will become due. We ask passengers to pay the remaining balance without being asked until 90 days before start of the voyage at the latest.

 15) Charges with regard to transfer of entries

Sea Travel Ltd charges a handling fee of GBP 50.- per person in order to transfer the funds to the Carrier.

 16) Cancellation

The client is at any time authorized to withdraw from the booked voyage. In this case, the passenger has got the possibility to find an appropriate substitute being acceptable for the shipping company/forwarder. The cancellation shall take place in writing to Sea Travel Ltd. If the passenger withdraws from the agent contract or if the passenger does not start their voyage, then the agent, additionally the carrier - will be authorized to charge compensation for his performed arrangements and expenses.

Please read the information below and retain for your records.


Any cancellations by you (for whatever reason) must be in writing addressed to us at Sea Travel Ltd.  The effective date of cancellation is the date on which we receive written notification. The following is the charges:

More than 60 days prior to departure:                                   Loss of deposit
Between 60 and 30 days prior to departure:                           50 % of fare
No refund will be made within the 30 days prior to departure
In addition, we will charge an administration fee of £25 per booking for any cancellation.


If after your booking has been accepted you require us to amend it in any way we reserve the right to charge an amendment fee of £25 per booking form. We reserve the right to treat a request by you of a change of vessel and/or itinerary as a cancellation which will incur the cancellation charges set out .

Please note: We always recommend a valid cancellation insurance to be purchased!

 17) Liability

Sea Travel Ltd acts towards the shipping companies and the travellers as an independent agent and is not liable for damages resulting from acts and failures of the Transport Company and other performing carriers.

We stress that the carrier is authorized to perform amendments or deviations with regard to single shipment services from the agreed shipment contract that become necessary after conclusion of the contract and that have to be performed against good faith so far as such amendments or deviations will not be considerable ones and will not be detrimental to the totality of booked shipment. Such amendments or deviations will be in particular changes of routes, omitting or additional calling at certain harbours.

 18) Place of jurisdiction

The jurisdiction place for merchants who have been entered in the commercial register, for persons not having a general jurisdiction place in UK and for persons having transferred their residence or their habitual residence outside UK or whose residence or habitual residence is not known at the moment of commencement of an action, will be UK.

 19) Invalidity of individual provisions

If out of a reason one of the provisions of this contract should become inapplicable or ineffective, the remaining provisions will remain valid.
In addition to the Terms and Conditions of Sea Travel Ltd the shipping company's (carriers) shipment conditions / terms  & conditions are effective.
On request we will send these for the selected voyage before booking.