Did you not know it is possible to travel on a cargo ship? Yes, not a problem we can arrange it for you. If you want to reduce your carbon footprints, or if you despise flying or if you are the enquisitive type of person then freighter voyages are right for you. Freighter travel is a very flexible form of travel.  Freighter cruises are average of about EURO 1OO per person per day and the fare is calculated by the number of days on board and includes all meals and the accommodation.

There are age limits, as there is no doctor on board and passengers are advised they need to be mobile and fit to travel. Medical certificates are required within 30 days of travel. Medical certificates can be issued by any physician in the World not necessarily passengers GP in cases when passengers are already travelling and have no communication with their own physician.Since this is a 'working' ship there are no facilities for disabled passengers but Sea Travel Ltd can easily assit with Cruise Passenger Liner bookings instead. Please visit Sea Travel Ltd Cruise Page for more information.


Schedules of freighter cruises are not printed out as changes and delays are possible at any time and on short call. Dates of departure and arrival are always given as "on or about" because there could be changes due to cargo being loaded and discharged; port congestion or weather conditions. Departure dates are usually known approx. 5/10 days prior to boarding. We kindly advise passengers to get in touch with the port agent at the port of embarkation for particulars on estimated time of arrival and departure and good time for boarding. Contact details for the agent will be provided closer to departure with the ticket via Internet as an email attachment or alternatively by fax for those who have no Internet access.


Dear Traveller,
Thank you for your interest in Sea Travel Ltd.
This document is designed to help you understand the process of booking a voyage aboard a freighter vessel.
There are several stages involved in the reservation process.

Stage 1: Initial Enquiry and offer

Once you are ready with your travel plans, please let your travel specialist at Sea Travel Ltd know your requirements: approximate time of travel; port of departure; destination; number of people, etc… so he/she can request availability for you and revert with an offer.
Sea Travel Ltd will usually give you approximately 2 days to think and decide if you wish to go ahead with a reservation.

Stage 2: Voyage option

As soon as you come back to your travel specialist at Sea Travel Ltd with a positive answer he/she can keep an option for you on the cabin for another 5 days. An option is a period of time within which the pre-payment of a portion of the cost of a voyage must be made. The end of the option is always indicated by your agent and a deposit payment of 30% of the cost of the voyage would be required to be made within the option period. The deposit is required only for voyages with departure date of more than 90 days otherwise if the departure time is within 90 days the full payment would be due.

Shortly after you have accepted the offer you will receive an invoice which usually would be accompanied by a reservation form and a declaration form for signature and confirmation. These documents together with the payment must be submitted to Sea Travel Ltd until close of business of the date indicated on the invoice i.e option deadline.

Payment methods are:

  • PayPal is a service available worldwide. All major credit cards are accepted and in all major currencies. The standard rate for payments is 3.4%. The below table will give the charges according to the amount of you bill.

Purchase payments received (monthly)

Fee per transaction

£0.00 GBP - £1,500.00 GBP

3.4% + £0.20 GBP


£1,500.01 GBP - £6,000.00 GBP

2.9% + £0.20 GBP


£6,000.01 GBP - £15,000.00 GBP

2.4% + £0.20 GBP


£15,000.01 GBP - £55,000.00 GBP

1.9% + £0.20 GBP


above £55,000.00 GBP*

1.4% + £0.20 GBP


Bank Transfer to Sea Travel Ltd Sterling account. Please note, transfer charges apply of GBP 25.00 for each transaction. Sterling amounts are accepted at the exchange rate on the day of payment.

We would advise clients to let their Sea Travel Specialist know what would be their preferred payment method so the correct invoice is issued.

Stage 3: Confirmation

As soon as payment and necessary reservation forms are received in good order your voyage is considered confirmed and a confirmation email/letter will be issued and send to you therefore we would recommend that you leave all possible contact details so your agent is able to get in touch with you in the easiest possible way.

The confirmation email (preferable) will consist of explanation of all the required documents for the voyage: possible visas, inoculations, onward tickets, etc and will be accompanied by all necessary forms mandatory for embarkation and demanded by the particular Carrier.

All clients are advised that all the forms and required documents must be submitted to Sea Travel Ltd no later than 2 weeks prior to departure in order embarkation to be authorised. Please also be informed that you must have all original forms and documents for boarding in case the Captain of the vessel would like to see them.

Stage 4: Ticketing

In many cases shortly after the confirmation email your ticket would follow in a separate email. All Carriers nowadays use E-ticketing therefore we recommend you provide us with an actual email address so we can send you your ticket and the forms discussed above. Email communication is much faster and preferable. But for clients with no Internet or email access we can easily send paperwork by fax or post only that the latter would take much longer than expected.

There would be a file, usually called “Agent details” attached to your ticket or in most cases to your confirmation email.  This file will consist of all port agent names/companies and their contact details. Please keep this file together with your ticket in a safe place as it is very important information which is necessary for your embarkation.

Some Carriers might not issue a ticket until all required paperwork is returned and on file therefore we would recommend to carefully read all instructions sent to you in Stage 3 and 4.

Stage 5: Embarkation.

Passengers are advised that it is their responsibility to get in touch with the local port agent at the port of embarkation for instructions on boarding i.e date/time/berth/address of the port. Please do not call the agent more than 10 days prior to your departure. Once you are in communication with the local representative within 10 days before estimated boarding please call (not email) on a regular basis until there is an actual departure date and particulars.

The Agent details will be provided with either your ticket or the confirmation email (stages 3 and 4) and an acknowledgment notice will be required from you to confirm that you have received them.

Stage 6: The voyage

The local agent/representative will be the person to wait for you at the port gates and the one to take you onboard the vessel.
You will be welcomed by the Captain or the officer in charge who will explain onboard further procedures.
Sea Travel Ltd wishes you Happy Sailing and we hope you enjoy your voyage.
We will be looking forward to your feedback or comments as soon as your sea travel is completed.
Thank you for booking with Sea Travel Ltd as agents for the major Freighter Travel Carriers.