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Welcome and Thank you for visiting Sea Travel Ltd Partnerships & Affiliates section.

Whether you are a website owner who have content on your site or are an organisation providing a product or service within your own right, we welcome all.

As a Sea Travel Affiliate, you can earn up to 5% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to Sea Travel Ltd which you place online. Qualifying revenue is when visitors follow links from Affiliate’s website to, make an enquiry and then book a service. Qualifying revenue is considered, the lead turned into a reservation. Please note that qualifying revenue is calculated and based on our margin level and not on the selling price.

Payments: We will pay you on a monthly basis. Minimum payment GBP 100.

Why not Make money by advertising Sea Travel Ltd.
Join our Affiliate Program today and once your application has been approved (we guarantee a decision within 48 hours of your application) you can start earning straight away with one of the best affiliate networks in the business.

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